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Interested in Becoming a Referee?


Homer Soccer Club does not require referees to be certified, so becoming a referee is an easy way to make money and get some exercise at the same time. All ages and experience levels are welcome, as we assign games according to your comfort level. 

All that is required to referee is attendance at a pre-season referee overview meeting; fall season dates will be announced in August. 

First time referees are also eligible for up to $50 in reimbursement for uniform costs. In general, we recommend a 10 piece (Economy USSF shirt, Economy USSF shorts, Economy USSF socks, red & yellow card set, data wallet, scorepad, velcro disk for badge, whistle, lanyard, and flag set) soccer referee starter kit.  Uniforms can be purchased anywhere but please see the links below for a few ideas.

For more information on becoming a referee, please reach out to Jennifer Galka at 309-838-5350

Referee Expectations


  • Read and understand the rules of the game
  • Attend a referee overview session
  • Respond promptly to scheduling questions from the referee coordinator
  • Respond promptly to the referee coordinator to confirm availability for assigned games
  • If you have any questions or concerns prior to or during a game, please find a Homer Soccer Team Member wearing a red shirt or contact Jennifer Galka via text or phone at 309-838-5350

Homer Soccer/Referee Coordinator will provide:

  • A pre-season referee overview session
  • Full rule packet 
  • A scorecard template
  • Assignment of Saturday games by the prior Monday
  • Uniform reimbursement up to $50 for first-time referees
  • Payment at the end of the season

Game Responsibilities



  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your game time
  • Be professionally dressed – referee shirt and black shorts or pants, athletic shoes
  • Bring proper equipment: watch, whistle, rule summary sheet, scoresheet, pen/pencil for scorekeeping, coin for coin toss
  • Check the field set-up: confirm that goals cannot tip over and that corner flags are secure. Also ensure that corner flags are at least 5 feet tall. Shorter flags or cones could create a safety hazard for players
  • Introduce yourself by name to each coach – write coach names and jersey colors on your scoresheet
    • Coaches should set a positive example for their team, and stay on the sideline during the game, unless allowed onto the field by the referee to help an injured player
    • After the game, it is okay for a coach to respectfully ask the referee about a certain call or situation during the game; however, under no circumstances should coaches question calls or otherwise distract the referee during the game. Any improper behavior by a coach during a game should be reported either during halftime or immediately after the game by texting or calling Jennifer Galka at 309-838-5350
    • Reminder 1: Only 2 coaches (a coach and an assistant) are allowed on the sideline. Any additional coaches or spectators are not allowed to remain on the same sideline with players
    • No one (coach, assistant, or spectators) is allowed to stand behind either goal, or along the goal line. All spectators must be on the opposite sideline from the players waiting to be substituted back into the game
  • Team line-up (10 minutes before game)
    • Check uniforms – make sure shirts are tucked in, there are no metal cleats, shin guards are covered by socks, and that nobody is wearing jewelry (necklaces/bracelets/anklets/dangly earrings are not allowed)
      • Have kids knock on their shin guards
    • Ask if there are any questions
  • Ask for captains (5 minutes before game)
    • Coin flip – team listed first on the schedule calls the flip and the winner can choose to either kick-off or which side of the field to defend 

During The Game

  • Be focused on the game (avoid distractions)
  • Follow and enforce the rules
  • Particularly when working with younger players, explain your calls and give direct instructions (allow re-dos when appropriate, like improper throw-ins)
  • Use LOUD whistle blows and make calls loudly; ensure that the players and the coaches can hear both your whistle and your voice. Remember that during a game, the wind is blowing, fans and coaches are cheering, and the players are focused on the game. Blow your whistle LOUDLY!
  • Practice blowing your whistle before the first game. This practice will better prepare you for the game, and impress your parents and siblings. 
  • Enforce our zero tolerance policy on foul language - any inappropriate language should result in a yellow card and then a red card if continued
  • Let coaches attend to medical needs

Post Game

  • Observe the handshake line; receive handshakes from each team
  • Record the final score on your scoresheet and ask coaches for their signatures
  • Deliver your scorecard to Jennifer Galka either on paper or as a picture through text to 309-838-5350

Additional Resources


Homer Soccer Club does not require United States Soccer Federation (USSF) certification to referee games, however or those interested, please visit the following website for more information:

Are you a new referee, and looking for some advice?