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U5/6 Rules




Revised 2016


  1. Coaches who have the first games at each field shall arrive 30 minutes prior to game to set up goals and appropriate cones. Coaches who have the last game at each field shall have the responsibility of removing goals and gathering cones. The 4v4 goals are to be put in the fenced in area next to concession stand. Cones are placed in appropriate lock boxes.

1a. As we are governed by the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA), insurance may require we adopt IYSA rule 021-a. regarding goal safety; therefore, we as an organization will adopt the following:
IYSA RULE 021-A. GOAL SAFETY POLICY. Any coach who participates in practice or a game where the goals are not securely anchored shall be fined not less than $200 and suspended for a minimum of not less than one (1) calendar year from the date of the practice or game involved. In the event the goal is not securely anchored the entity (team, club, league, state) that has primary responsibility for the field or event upon which the unsecured goal is situated shall be fined $1000. Coach means the head coach, any assistant coach, trainer or any other team official present at the time of the violation. The entity against which a fine is imposed shall be in bad standing until the fine imposed is paid. Each team shall maintain in written form a record for each team practice, in which the coach, assistant coach, trainer or other responsible person shall certify that he or she has performed a physical inspection of the goals used in the practice to verify the goals were securely anchored. This certification shall be contemporaneously countersigned by a parent associated with said team. Each league shall require each club or individual team unaffiliated with a club to certify in writing that it has in place a program to ensure that goals it uses are adequately secured, that its goals have been and will be inspected by a member of the club or team (not a coach) prior to each game or practice. Each club and team shall further certify it has communicated to the parent or guardian of each player the dangers of unsecured goals and their responsibility to assure that goals are secure. Each league shall certify to Illinois Youth Soccer that its clubs and teams have complied with these requirements prior to their annual registration.


2. Field shall be minimum 35 yards long, maximum 40 yards long and shall be minimum 20 yards wide, maximum 30 yards wide.

3. Ball size is #3.

4. 4 players are allowed on a field, per team, at a time. No goalkeeper allowed.

5. Substitutions can be at stoppage or on the fly. Player leaving the field must be completely off before substitute can enter the field.

6. Each player must wear team uniform - jersey, shorts, socks, and shin guards. (shin guards must be completely covered by uniform socks).

7. Gym shoes or soft-cleated soccer shoes must be worn.

8. All players shall get a minimum 50% of the playing time.

9. Assistant referees (linesmen) are not necessary.

10. The U5/6 game shall be played in four (4) periods of eight (8) minutes each period. The U-7 games shall be played in four (4) periods of ten (12) minutes each period.

11.  Each team shall change goals at the start of the second half.

12. Starts and restarts: Opponents must be 5 yards from center of field while kickoff is in progress. For all free or indirect free kicks, opponents shall be 5 yards away.

13.  Balls that go out of bounds will be kicked back into play (No throw ins)

14. Method of scoring will conform to FIFA rules.

15. There will be no offside violations.

16. Where time permits, referee should explain all infractions to the offending player.

17. A goal cannot be scored until the ball has been played /touched by a second player on either team.

18. No kicks shall be taken by the attacking team within the defending team's goal area. For this infraction the defending team shall be awarded a goal kick.

19. If a defender steps into defender's own goal area, while ball is in the goal area, a corner kick shall be awarded to the attacking team.

20. If defending team stops a shot by the attacking team within the goal area, referee will issue a warning to the offending team's coach and a direct free kick shall be awarded to the attacking team from the spot of the original kick. For the second and any later infractions by the same team, in the same game, a penalty kick will be awarded the attacking team with such kick to be taken from a spot 6 yards from goal for U5-6 or 7 yards from goal for U7-8. No goalkeeper will be allowed on the penalty kick.


21. If an attacking player causes the ball to become stopped within the goal box as a direct result of play outside of the goal box, play shall be stopped and a goal kick will be awarded to the defending team.

22. If a defending player causes the ball to become stopped within the goal box as a direct result of play outside of the goal box, play shall be stopped and a corner kick will be awarded to the attacking team.

23. One (1) coach per team may be on the field during play.

24. There are no throw-ins. An indirect free kick will be taken from the point the ball went out of bounds.

25. For balls going over the goal line a goal kick will be taken from the end line. Opponents must be 5 yards away.

26. Corner kicks are the same as FIFA except opponents must be at least 5 yards from the ball.

27. Rescheduled Games - Games not played or suspended due to weather or other circumstances can only be rescheduled by the appropriate league directors. Coaches may not reschedule their own games.

28. Mandatory Positioning – In keeping with the spirit of the game, defenders must move up and down the field with the flow of play. While great latitude is awarded coaches in exercising this rule, the intent is to keep teams from “parking” a player(s) in their own defensive end, regardless of ball location, to act as a goalkeeper or sweeper. For an infraction of this rule, the offending team will be warned with a maximum of one warning per team per half. For the second infraction by a team in a half, the ball will be awarded to the opposing team at midfield. (Due to past abuse of this rule, Homer Soccer may provide a second official stationed off the field of play to assist the center referee in applying this rule.)


29. All fouls are at the referees’ discretion.  Furthermore, referees decisions and requests on all matters are considered to be final and the law governing that particular game.   


30.  Slide tackles are not permitted. 


31.  A team can add 1 player when losing by 5 goals.  A team can add 1 more player when losing by 7 goals.  The extra players must be taken off the field when the goal differential returns to 6 goals, and 4 goals.


32. No intentional head balls.  If an intentional head ball occurs, opposing team is granted an indirect kick from spot of the foul.