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SPRING 2018 Recreational Season

Welcome to Homer Recreational Soccer Spring 2018 Season

Registration will be closing March 3rd so please register asap so we can put coaches with teams for scheduling.

Cost is $100 for the 1st player, $90 for the 2nd sibling and $70 for the 3rd Sibling with an additional $50 family participation fee for each family.  This can be reimbursed to you if you volunteer in one of our DIBS slots this season. 

We will be having our Meet & Greets with Coaches and players/parents the week of March 19th...times TBA.  Our first practices will begin the week of April 2nd and first games will be April 14th  Please remember that all of our coaches are volunteers so we allow them to decide what night will work best for them along with the night that works with their respective team.  They try to make it work for everyone as best they can.  Coaches usually have 1 practice per week but certainly can have more if they and their team decide they would like to. 

All games are on Saturdays except for our tournament weekend which will be June 9th & 10th.  Times and schedule TBD.

Once registration closes, we will need about a week to put teams/coaches together at which time emails will be sent out with information on Meet & Greets.

Thank you for your interest in Homer Recreational Soccer.  Any additional questions, please contact Julie at

Julie Wasowicz

Recreational Director

Phone: 708-846-3590