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INTRODUCING — Southwest Soccer Club

07/31/2011, 7:12pm CDT
By admin

HSC announces new name for Boys' Travel Program

The Homer Soccer Club (HSC) is proud to announce the new name of its boys’ travel program, Southwest Soccer Club of Homer Glen, formerly known as Homer Hawks FC. This transition not only brings a new organizational name, which directly reflects the club’s refined goals, but new management with the promotion of Sena Halilovic to Director of Soccer and Training.

The goal of Southwest Soccer Club is to provide our players the necessary fitness, technical skills and tactical knowledge needed to succeed at the highest and most appropriate level of competitive soccer.  Southwest Soccer Club believes that our coaching style, combined with the tutoring approach we offer, will be the pillars that will continue to establish this not-for-profit Club as a well-respected and widely-recognized competitive organization in the southwest suburbs and throughout the Chicagoland area.

HSC has had success in recent years and it has been due, in large part because of its ability to attract the best young soccer talent from the area. The name change represents the Club's motivation to continue to build on its success and to compete as a premier-level soccer club in the State.

Sena Halilovic, Director of Soccer and Training for the girls’ Chicago Inter FC (of Homer Glen), will also lead Southwest Soccer Club in the same capacity and will drive its success in the future.  Sena’s expanded role is a natural fit given the current affiliation between HSC and the girls’ Chicago Inter FC. 

Sena brings experience as a professional soccer player and also has a formula for success in running competitive youth soccer programs.  Along with his trainers, Sena will continue to provide exceptional youth soccer players with a challenging program.  The program will be designed, for players who aspire, to provide opportunities to further their development as student-athletes at the high school and collegiate levels and also at the professional club level.

Southwest Soccer Club will participate in NISL and MRL leagues, attend top-level tournaments regionally and nationally and regularly compete in the Illinois State Cup.

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“Since I have already registered my son to play for the Homer Hawks for the 2011-2012 season, is there anything that I need to do as a result of this change?”
The answer is No, you will not need to do anything as it relates to registration logistics given the changes.

“What will be the relationship between the Homer Soccer Club and the Southwest Soccer Club”
The Southwest Soccer Club is the new name of the Homer Soccer Club’s boys’ travel program only.  The Homer Soccer Club will remain in place and will oversee the boys’ travel program under its new name, the rec programs for boys and girls and the existing Homer Soccer Club Board will remain intact.  All the benefits and all communication and affiliation with Homer Soccer Club will be the same.  This decision to change the name is based on the Homer Soccer Club’s vision for the boys’ travel program to become recognized as a more competitive club and to continue to attract the best talent in trainers and in players from the area.

“Will we continue to practice and play games at Morris Park?”
All games and practices will continue to be at Morris Park.  We are still a club based out of Homer Glen and we will continue to be a part of the Homer Glen community. 

“Will we continue to access information and registration on the site?”
The new website is .  It has all the enhancements and information that the current Homer Soccer website has.  It also includes "Team Pages" with game information, directions and schedules.

How does this impact the recreational program?
This will not impact the recreational program at all.  Once again, the Southwest Soccer Club is the new name of the Homer Soccer Club’s boys’ travel program only.  The rec program is still run by the Homer Soccer Club.


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