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Spring 2017 Rec Season


Children that are eligible to play are boys and girls from 4 years to 13 years old (as of August 1, 2016)

The Spring Recreational Season is scheduled to start April 22 with an eight game season through June 10.  Games are played on Saturdays with one practice during the week.    All games and practices are held at Morris Park located on 163rd Street between Gougar and Cedar Roads.

MEET & GREETS WITH COACHES (practices as well time permitting):  Week of April 10th-13th  --Age groups each day as follows:

Monday, April 10th: PreK-K  5:30pm Coaches...Parents/players                                                                                      6pm

Tuesday, April 11th: 3rd-4th:  5:30pm Coaches..Parents/players                                                                                      6pm

Wednesday, April 12th:  1st-2nd Graders

                                          7th-8th graders   5:30pm coaches..                                                                                   Parents/players 6pm

Thursday, April 13th:      5th-6th Graders 5:30pm coaches..

                                                                      Parents/players 6pm

The first week of practice begins April 17th:

PRACTICE SCHEDULE (note may change based on coach's discretion)  All practices are before dusk, there are no lights

Spring Season Registration fee

First Child - $90 
Second Child - $80
Third Child - $65                                                                                 Fourth Child - $40

*Family Participation Fee — $50

*Note: Family Participation Fee's will be refunded at the end of the season on the last game/tournament day.

NOTE: IF THERE IS A SUFFICIENT NUMBER OF REGISTRATIONS, WE WILL HAVE A 3rd/4th grade, a 5th/6th grade and a 7th/8th grade division.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Julie Wasowicz

Recreational Director

Phone: 708-846-3590